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Canson PhotoSatin Premium RC 270 Photo Paper | A4 - 25 Sheets

Canson PhotoSatin Premium RC 270 Photo Paper | A4 - 25 Sheets


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Canson Infinity PhotoSatin Premium RC is the perfect choice for photographers seeking a timeless aesthetic. Consisting of an alpha cellulose acid-free art paper coated with a structured polyethylene and a microporous receiver layer, this top-tier photographic paper ensures your photos will stand the test of time. With a surface reminiscent of the original photochemical papers and softened reflections, PhotoSatin Premium RC is ideal for both black & white and colour photography!

Weight (gsm) 270
Thickness (um) 261
Surface feel Extra smooth
Surface finish Satin
Composition 100% alpha-cellulose
CIE Whiteness 137,18
ISO 2471 Opacity 96.70
Internally buffered Yes
Acid free paper Yes
OBA content Moderate
Drying time Immediate
Water resistance High
Additional comments Optimised for pigmented inks.
Compatible with dye inks.