Collection: Permajet Digital Transfer Film Photo Paper

Permajet Digital Transfer Film stands out as a specialist solution that offers seamless integration between digital and darkroom techniques. The specialist clear film is designed specifically for producing inkjet negatives of impeccable quality. When you print your images on this film, you can expect nothing less than intricate detail and deep, rich deep black tones that are essential for creating stunning prints in the darkroom.  

Whether you’re a seasoned darkroom enthusiast or just beginning to explore this method of printing and developing, the quality of your negatives is crucial, and Permajet Digital Transfer Film ensures top-notch results.  

One of the standout characteristics of this film is its crystal-clear transparency. Unlike some other films that may feature cloudiness or unwanted tints, the Permajet Digital Transfer Film remains optically pure. This remarkable clarity ensures that your final prints in the darkroom will be faithful to your original vision, capturing every detail with precision. 

The Permajet Digital Transfer Film is 165µ, making it a lightweight film, striking a balance between durability and ease of use. Whether you’re printing large-format images or smaller contact sheets, this film provides the stability you need for a smooth printing experience.  

Compatible with both dye and pigment inks, the Permajet Digital Transfer Film allows you to choose the ink type that best suits your creative vision and printing equipment. Whether you prefer the vibrant colour gamut of dye inks or the longevity and archival quality of pigment inks, this film can accommodate your preferences.  

Permajet Digital Transfer Film offers photographers a versatile and high-quality solution for bridging the gap between digital and darkroom photography. Its ability to produce exceptional inkjet negatives with intricate detail makes it an indispensable tool for those who seek the highest quality prints in the darkroom.  

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