Collection: Fotospeed PF Lustre DUO - Double Sided Photo Paper - 280gsm

Introducing the Fotospeed PF Lustre DUO, the double-sided, 280gsm, version of the award-winning PF Lustre 275. Designed for use with inkjet, the double-sided edition is a heavyweight paper with a photographic lustre finish, ideal for portfolios with no show through.  

As a heavyweight double-sided photo paper, the Fotospeed PF Lustre DUO is a flat and stiff paper, giving it the desired properties for professional photographers and artists to display and maintain their work in portfolios.  

Featuring a bright white base on both sides of the paper for the perfect canvas to replicate vibrant colours in prints and images. The Fotospeed PF Lustre DUO has a wide colour gamut and high D-max, resulting in bright and lifelike prints with deep, rich black tones. The lustre finish provides each side of the paper with the perfect balance of sheen between glossy and matte, making it the perfect option for both colour and black & white images. 

Fotospeed PF Lustre DUO has an instant dry, microporous coating, a high white point and a state of the art receiving layer, meaning as soon an ink is deposited onto each side of the paper you can handle it instantly without the worry of accidental smudging or bleeding.  

The Fotospeed PF Lustre DUO is compatible with both dye and pigment inks, making this double-sided paper a versatile option for different printing techniques.  

Available in both A4 and A3, the Fotospeed PF Lustre is perfect for reproducing and enlarging photographic art and designs in both colour and black & white.  

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