Collection: Fotospeed Smooth Pearl Photo Paper

The Fotospeed Smooth Pearl is a HDR, precision coated professional photo paper for effortless printing at home. Featuring a beautiful pearl finish, this heavyweight paper is perfect for a wide variety of applications including proofing, water-resistant prints, professional photographic images and for presentations.  

For photographers, professionals, and enthusiasts alike, the Fotospeed Smooth Pearl provides a crisp finish for high-quality prints and photographs. Boasting a natural white base for the perfect starting canvas, providing an excellent colour gamut for vibrancy and an exceptionally high D-max to ensure deep, rich blacks are replicated.  

Perfect for printing both colour and B&W prints, the Fotospeed Smooth Pearl has a heavyweight look and feel. The 290gsm weight ensures a flat and stiff paper for maintaining shape and structure, guaranteeing the quality of the print remains consistent for a longer period.  

The inkjet photo paper features desirable printing properties including a unique ink-receiving layer to ensure prints are instantly dry for handling without the worry of smudging or bleeding.  

Fotospeed Smooth Pearl is available in a variety of different sizes including A4, A3, A3+, and A2 for document and enlarged prints, as well as sizes 10x8, 7x5, and 6x4 for photographic printing. With a wide range to choose from, there is the perfect size of Fotospeed Smooth Pearl to meet your printing requirements.

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