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Welcome to the Hahnemühle Photo Glossy 260 range of classic inkjet photo paper. Utilising a resin-coated substrate material combined with a microporous inkjet coating, the Hahnemühle Photo Glossy 260 has the perfect printing surface for impeccable image reproduction with exceptional clarity and colour accuracy.

Hahnemühle Photo Glossy 260 boasts a smooth, high-gloss surface finish that adds a professional touch to your prints. This finish enhances the overall visual appeal by ensuring vibrant, bright colours, making it a great option for printing photos, poster prints, or photo book.

With its combination of a low weight design and superb print quality, Hahnemühle Photo Glossy 260 is equally an excellent choice for daily printing needs. Whether you’re printing snapshots, artwork, or business materials, the Hahnemühle Photo Glossy 260 is a universal choice for ensuring a professional finish.

Featuring a bright white base, the Hahnemühle Photo Glossy 260 provides you with a clean and neutral background for your images. The brightness enhances the overall vibrancy and colour accuracy of your prints.

For precise colour management, ICC (International Colour Consortium) profiles are available. These profiles help you achieve consistent and accurate colour reproduction across different devices and printing setups.

The Hahnemühle Photo Glossy 260 is a versatile and reliable choice for anyone seeking exceptional print quality with a high-gloss finish. Its suitability for various applications, ease of use, and availability of ICC profiles make it a fantastic option for both amaetur and professional photographers and artists alike.

Available in various sizes including A4, A3, A3+, and A2, allowing you to pick the perfect dimensions to bring your creative projects to life!

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