Collection: Fotospeed NST Bright White Photo Paper

Welcome to the Fotospeed NST Bright White range of photo paper for professional printing. Made from 100% cotton, Fotospeed Natural Soft Textured (NST) Bright White is a Fine Art paper designed to replicate traditional Darkroom paper results in digital form. The bright white base and gentle texture offers the perfect starting canvas for delivering a wide colour gamut and high D-MAX for both colour and black and white images.

Properties of the Fotospeed NST Bright White make this photo paper an excellent option for a wide variety of applications, from portrait subjects to landscape prints. The wide colour gamut allows for an impressive reproduction of vibrant and lifelike colours, and a high D-MAX for deep blacks and dark shadows. Whether you’re printing colourful or monochrome images, the Fotospeed NST Bright White will produce professional results.

Approved by the Fine Art Trade Guild, the Fotospeed NST Bright White is a trusted archival paper with an 85+ year lifespan when used with pigment inks. Ensuring your prints consistently remain in the highest quality, making it a desired paper for displaying, portfolios, and reproducing Fine Art.

Available in a variety of sizes including A4, A3, A3+, and A2.

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