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Welcome to the Fotospeed PF Lustre range of photo paper designed for inkjet. Offering three types of paperweights including Fotospeed PF Lustre 190gsm, 275gsm and 310gsm – providing a flexible range of photo papers to suit a wide variety of applications.

For a lightweight photo paper, the 190gsm Fotospeed PF Lustre is great for making premium leaflets, proofing and more! Due to the instant dry, microporous coating and high white point, prints will be ready to handle without accidental smudging or ink transfer. This quick-drying feature of the Fotospeed PF Lustre not only improves workflow efficiency but also ensures your prints look consistently pristine.

The 275gsm Fotospeed PF Lustre is in the category of middle-weight papers with a stunning lustre finish – ideal for creating portfolios and albums. This multi-award-winning paper has a wide colour gamut and high Dmax for delivering beautiful images, both in colour and black & white. Compatible with both dye and pigment inks.

The heavyweight option, 310gsm Fotospeed PF Lustre is a flat and stiff photo paper for printing professional-grade prints for displaying. The bright white base paired with the lustre finish gives this paper the perfect properties for delivering beautiful images in both colour and black & white. Compatible with both dye and pigment inks.

The lustre finish provides the Fotospeed PF Lustre with the benefits of both glossy and matte prints - offering excellent colour vibrancy and sharp detail. A lustre finish is perfect for any print that needs to be frame without glass due to a significantly reduced glare without losing the vibrancy glossy finished prints offer.

The Fotospeed PF Lustre should be the go-to paper for any photographer as it offers the perfect combination of quality and price, making it the perfect paper for almost every application.

Available in various sizes including A4, A3, A3+, A2, 12x12 and 10x8.

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