Collection: Canson Photo Lustre Premium RC Photo Paper

Introducing the Canson Photo Lustre Premium RC photo paper. Crafted with precision this 310gsm paper boasts Canson’s finest paper properties, exceeding expectations of photo reproduction.  

Featuring a foundation of acid-free alpha cellulose, coated with precision-engineered structed polyethylene and a microporous layer that ensures a stunning lustre effect that transcends industry standards and caters to your artistic needs! 

The Canson Photo Lustre Premium RC photo paper features a smooth surface and a lustre finish, making this RC photo paper a versatile option that works for any subject. The 310gsm heavy paper weight makes this photo paper strong and durable to stand the test of time. 

Working for both colour and black & white digital print reproduction, the Canson Photo Lustre Premium RC paper offers softened reflections without being too glossy or too flat. The finish of this photo paper allows the tone and highlights of each print to have a traditional feel. 

At the forefront of the fine arts industry, Canson takes the lead in providing the highest quality fine art photo paper range for artists and enthusiasts alike. When it comes to Canson, rest assured that the Canson Photo Lustre Premium RC photo paper goes above and beyond, exceeding your every expectation. 

This photo paper is the perfect alternative to more premium Canson photo papers without sacrifising quality or finish. 

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