Collection: Fotospeed Digital Contact Film

Fotospeed Digital Contact Film is designed explicitly for producing contact negatives using inkjet printers. It is versatile and suitable for various darkroom processes, including alternative techniques such as Cyanotype and Argyrotype printing, as well as contact printing on silver gelatine papers.  

The Fotospeed Digital Contact Film offers you the advantage of quick dying, ensuring efficient and hassle-free handling straight after printing. Whilst also being water-resistant, offering extra durability and protection against moisture-related damage for longevity.  

Compatible with both dye and pigment inks, the Fotospeed Digital Contact Film offers flexibility in printer choice and ink types for your projects. Its specialised coating properties ensure exceptional image quality, meeting the highest standards for alternative photographic processes.  

The flexibility of Fotospeed Digital Contact Film ensures you have a wide range of options for creative expression in your photographic work. Available in sizes A4 and A3 to meet your artistic preferences.  

Fotospeed, initially a family-owned darkroom chemistry and fine art printmaking manufacturer for over 35 years, has transformed into a leading player in the printing and fine art paper industry. They offer a comprehensive range of digital inkjet papers, including Fotospeed Digital Contact Film, for professional-grade printing at home. Fotospeed has remained dedicated to maintaining their strong reputation for quality and technical expertise.  

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