Collection: Permajet Ultra Pearl Photo Paper

Introducing Permajet Ultra Pearl Photo Paper, a premium choice for inkjet printing. With a bright white base and a distinctive pearl surface, Ultra Pearl 295 enhances images with a crisp, brilliant look, making it ideal for bold and high-key projects. Its high Dmax ensures deep, rich blacks that create stunning contrasts.

Designed for various commercial applications, from school photography to weddings, this digital photo paper boasts a durable, scuff-resistant surface and unique anti-scan properties to protect your prints from replication attempts.

Ultra Pearl, with its 295gsm weight, effortlessly feeds through any inkjet printer while providing a high-quality feel. The UV protective, microporous supercoat enhances resistance to moisture and fading, guaranteeing that your photographs and artwork maintain their fantastic appearance for years to come. Elevate your print quality with Permajet Ultra Pearl Photo Paper.

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