Collection: Fotospeed Legacy Gloss Photo Paper

The Fotospeed Legacy Gloss is a 100% cotton Fine Art paper that has been designed for exceptional print quality and longevity. Offering a distinctive unglazed gloss finish without being overly reflective, enhancing the visual appeal of your prints by providing a wide colour gamut and high Dmax – brilliant for reproducing both colour and B&W images.  

Fotospeed Legacy Gloss is a desired choice for archival printing due to being free from Optical Brightening Agents (OBS’s). OBA-free papers are known for maintaining the quality of your prints for years to come.  

The unglazed gloss surface of the Fotospeed Legacy Gloss delivers a high Dmax, providing deep, rich blacks in your prints. As well as a wide colour gamut, enabling accurate and vibrant colour reproduction. The excellent characteristics of the Fotospeed Legacy Gloss makes it a great choice for photographers who work with a variety of subjects and styles.  

Compatible with both dye and pigment inks, the Fotospeed Legacy Gloss is a reliable option for preserving the quality of your artwork and photographs for future generations.  

Fotospeed specialise in providing a variety of high-quality digital inkjet papers, including Fotospeed Legacy Gloss, catering to professional-grade home printing. Continuing to uphold their esteemed status for high-quality products and technical knowledge.  

Available in various formats, including A4, A3 and A3, the Fotospeed Legacy Gloss offers flexibility for various artistic preferences.  

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