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Hahnemühle Photo Luster is a top-tier choice in the world of photo printing, embodying the desired properties and quality associated with classic photo paper. This resin-coated photo paper features a microporous surface that provides an impeccable luster finish, making it perfect for printing photos in both colour and black & white.  

Boasting a smooth, non-textured surface and bright white base to achieve the perfect canvas for reproducing exceptional tones, shadows, and highlights. The Hahnemühle Photo Luster excels specifically in photo application, making it great for printing photos, poster prints and photo books.  

Hahnemühle Photo Luster comes in two weight options – 260gsm and 290gsm. Both options allow you to choose the perfect paper weight for your specific printing needs, whether it’s for standard photos or larger-format poster prints.  

To further enhance your printing experience, ICC profiles are available for the Hahnemühle Photo Luster. These profiles help you achieve accurate and consistent colour representation in your prints. 

What sets Hahnemühle Photo Luster apart is its commitment to delivering very good print quality. It consistently produces prints that exceed expectations, making it suitable for a wide array of applications, including photos, poster prints, and photo books. 

Hahnemühle Photo Luster is engineered to be a versatile workhorse. It's perfectly suited for daily use, making it the go-to choice for various printing needs, whether you're preserving cherished memories or creating professional-grade prints. 

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