Collection: Canson PhotoGloss Premium RC Photo Paper

Canson Infinity PhotoGloss Premium RC is an acid-free Fine Art paper for printing vivid reproductions of photographic art and images. Properties of the Canson Infinity Photogloss Premium RC include an alpha cellulose base, coated with polyethylene and a microporous colour receiver layer to make a strong and durable photo paper that meets the standard of professional photography.  

Canson is the world’s leader in the fine arts market, supporting artists and enthusiasts alike by producing an incredible range of high-quality papers. With Canson, you can trust the Canson Infinity PhotoGloss Premium RC paper exceeds your expectations.  

The Canson Infinity PhotoGloss Premium RC presents an outstanding Dmax that ensures exceptional tonal depth in black and white prints, encompassing a wide dynamic range. Additionally, its expansive colour gamut facilitates the creation of breathtaking colour photographs, further enhanced by its beautiful gloss finish and impeccably smooth surface. 

Suitable for diverse applications such as landscapes and portraits, the PhotoGloss paper guarantees a flawless glossy finish while preserving intricate details. This versatility ensures an optimal outcome for various artistic endeavours, catering to a range of artistic preferences without sacrificing precision. 

Designed for inkjet printers, this PhotoGloss photo paper is available is a variety of sizes including A4, A3, A3+ and A2 – ensuring your artistic preferences are accommodated.  

Shop the remarkable Canson Infinity PhotoGloss Premium RC paper today. Elevate your artistic pursuits with its exceptional qualities and bring your creations to life with unparalleled vibrancy and detail. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your work! 

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