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Canson PrintMaKing Rag, previously BFK Rives paper, is made from 100% cotton for a silky soft textured surface feel and crafted using traditional paper-making techniques for a high-quality finish. This photo paper boasts a unique, white hue achieved without the use of Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs), which paired with the fine texture makes it a prime choice for reproducing fine art prints and photographs.

Boasting a 310gsm, the Canson PrintMaking Rag is a durable paper that will retain quality for years to come – making it the perfect option for printing professional photographs that will retain their longevity. Boasting a high standard of print rendering, reproduced prints feature deep blacks and pure whites with a vast range of excellent tones and a matte finish - ideal for both black & white images!

Canson sits at the forefront for providing Fine Art supplies, being the world’s leader for providing a professional assortment of premium photo paper that has been meticulously designed to cater the expectation of both artists and enthusiasts alike. With Canson you can achieve the artistic vision you’re looking for, and the Canson PrintMaKing Rag is an exceptional choice for attaining the traditional, classic feel.

The Canson PrintMaKing Rag range of photo paper is available in varying sizes from A4 to A2, providing plenty of option to meet your artistic preference.

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