Collection: Permajet Artist Watercolour 250 Photo Paper

Permajet Artist Watercolour 250 is a premium fine art inkjet photo paper that offers a richly textured surface and a natural white base, delivering a unique and artistic touch to your prints. 

Crafted to replicate the charm of traditional watercolour materials, this OBA-free paper features a heavily woven texture that lends an authentic and captivating realism to your reproductions of sketches and paintings.  

Permajet Artist Watercolour 250 proves to be an excellent choice not only for traditional artworks but also for fine art photography. Its distinctive texture enhances subtle details and imparts an exceptional high-quality finish to photographs. 

The paper's natural white base, composed of Alpha Cellulose, boasts an outstanding colour gamut and sharpness, ensuring that your artistic work is reproduced at its absolute best. 

Boasting archival properties, Permajet Artist Watercolour 250 is perfectly suited for showcasing your art in galleries, exhibitions, and other settings where long-lasting quality is required.  

Permajet Artist Watercolour 250 is a top-tier Fine Art inkjet photo paper designed to mimic traditional watercolour materials while offering versatile applications for both artwork and fine art photography. Its heavily textured surface adds authenticity and character to your prints, making it an excellent choice for artists and photographers looking to achieve remarkable and lasting results in their work. 

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