Collection: Permajet FB Distinction Photo Paper

The Permajet FB Distinction is a fibre based baryta inkjet photo paper for reproducing photographs and artwork. With similar properties to traditional darkroom paper, the baryta photo paper features a barium sulphate layer to allow for the reproduction of impeccable detail, definition, and incredible archival properties.

Made from alpha cellulose, the Permajet FB Distinction boasts a delicate gloss surface and a 320gsm bright white base, offering the perfect foundation for a high D-max and wide tonal range. For reproducing both colour and monochrome images the Permajet FB Distinction is an excellent option, colours appear vibrant against the bright white base and deep blacks offer high contrast.

For both photographers and artists alike, the Permajet FB Distinction offers the desired properties for elevating prints for an array of applications – from portrait photographs to photographic artwork. Compatible with both dye and pigment inks, the Permajet FB Distinction gives you the flexibility to choose your finish. Whether you decide on dye ink for a wide colour gamut or pigment inks for longevity and archival properties.

The Permajet FB Distinction is available in a variety of different sizes so you can choose the dimensions best suited to your artistic requirements. With a beautiful subtle gloss surface, a baryta photo paper ensures your prints are enhanced to their full potential.

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