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Explore our selection of Baryta Photo Paper, delivering outstanding quality for fine art prints. Discover various sizes, finishes and weights to fit your specific artistic vision.

Why choose Baryta Photo Paper? Baryta Photo Paper is a popular choice for both photographers and professional artists due to its remarkable properties. Constructed with a mixture of barium sulfate and other chemicals, this photo paper offers superior colour reproduction, contrast and sharpness.

An ideal choice for artistic prints, Baryta photo paper can also be used with an inkjet printer at home! While more expensive than other photo papers, Baryta Photo Paper offers long-lasting premium prints. Available in either glossy or matte finishes to fit any preference!

At HC Photo Paper we offer a wide variety of paper from top brands like Fotospeed, Canson, Permajet and Hahnemuhle, so you can be sure to find a paper you love at a price to suit your budget.

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