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Welcome to the Fotospeed PF Gloss collection of photo paper for professional-quality prints at home. Designed for inkjet, Fotospeed PF Gloss is available in a lightweight 190gsm and a middleweight 270gsm to achieve top-tier paper quality that meets your artistic preference.  

The 270gsm Fotospeed PF Gloss falls into the category of middle-weight papers, offering a perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility, making it a desired photo paper amongst photographers wanting to enlarge their photos. 

The 190gsm Fotospeed PF Gloss is a lightweight paper, weighing 190gsm. Inspired by the award-warming Fotospeed PF Gloss 270gsm paper, this paper has been designed as the streamlined version with a keen focus on versatility and performance. Due to its lightweight characteristic, the 190gsm Fotospeed PF Gloss is ideally used for producing premium leaflets.  

Boasting a bright white base and Pigment Friendly Gloss, the Fotospeed PF Gloss has a  canvas that allows you to reproduce a wide spectrum of hues with stunning accuracy. The high gloss finish on top of the white base adds a touch of elegance to your prints. Combined with its instant dry, micro-porous coating, this photo paper ensures that your prints emerge with impeccable sharpness and clarity without the fear of smudging. 

Along with a high D-max, the Fotospeed PF Gloss excels in capturing deep, rich black and remarkable contrast in both colour and black & white prints. Compatible with both dye and pigmnet inks, you have the flexibility to choose the ink type that best suits your project. 

Both 270gsm and 190gsm versions of the Fotospeed PF Gloss are available in various sizes including A4, A3, A3+, A2, 7x5, and 6x4. 

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