Collection: Permajet FB Pearl 300 Baryta Photo Paper

Permajet FB Pearl 300 is a fibre based inkjet paper with properties similar to traditional silver halide darkroom materials, perfect for both photographers and artists alike who are wanting a digital alternative. As a baryta-type photo paper, the Permajet FB Pearl 300 features a barium sulfate layer for reproducing an extended tonal range and impeccable definition.  

Made from alpha cellulose, the Permajet FB Pearl 300 is designed to be free from any acidic components and Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs). This ensures the preservation of your prints' true colours, making it a trusted choice amongst professionals.  

Boasting a 300gsm paper weight and natural white base, the Permajet FB Pearl offers an excellent foundation for colour and monochrome photography. With a high D-Max and delicate colour reproduction, this photo paper gives your prints the depth and softness you desire. The pearl surface offers your prints a subtle sheen, perfect for display work.  

The archival properties that come with baryta photo paper ensure your prints will remain in good shape and consistent quality for years to enjoy, making the Permajet FB Pearl 300 the ideal photo paper to use for fine art prints and artwork for exhibitions.  

Compatible with both dye and pigment inks, the Permajet FB Pearl 300 gives you flexibility in printing techniques and requirements. Whether you prefer the wide colour gamut when using dye inks or the longevity and archival properties when using pigment inks.  

Available in a variety of different sizes at a competitive price, you’ll find the perfect dimensions to bring your artwork to life on Permajet FB Pearl 300. 

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